Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21 - Ordinary Time

Today’s Scriptures: Lectionary selections from the Book of Common Prayer

Psalm 148, 149, 114, 115

Song of Solomon 2:8-17

1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Matthew 16:13-20

Today’s Question:

What does a good relationship with God look like?

Today’s Reflection:

I often sound like a broken record as I say over and over again that God wants to be in relationship with us. Each passage today records a time of close connection between God and humankind. From the time of the Israelites wandering the desert to the disciples sitting with Christ, understanding his connection to us. God took care of them and continues to provide for us. As Paul points out in the Corinthian passage, no test exceeds what we can stand.

That is the heart of the relationship.

Our lives will not be all frolicking in the fields as in the Song of Solomon, but if we maintain our relationship with God, snakes bites and other afflictions will not kill us in the wilderness. We want the Song of Solomon experience without the work. Even Adam and Eve, in the garden, had work. God assigned them the task of stewardship over all creation. We too, face the challenge of work to keep the right relationship with God. Like the Israelites, provision and protection come to us when we follow God’s will for us. Provision and protection do not come with a promise of ease; lots of walking is involved.

When we think about our relationship with God, the prophets and their descriptions of doom do not have to dominate. The Song of Solomon shows a sanguine springtime connection. It is not all gloom and doom; we have examples of happiness in our connection with God. As we work through the daily tasks God calls us to do we come into the healthy relationship. For my personal theology, based on the relationship between God and humanity, the passage from Song of Solomon paints the picture of the relationship between God and humankind when it works. God’s provision for us dominates the landscape.

Today’s Prayer:

Let us work together with God to keep our relationship vibrant, lively, and strong.


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