Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advent: December 9

Psalm 27
Isaiah 4:2-6
Acts 11:1-18

         Isaiah presents one of the various pictures in the Old Testament of the eternally restored Jerusalem, with the people resting in the shadow of God’s presence. There is no need, no distress, only one of the purest depictions of peace found in the Scriptures. But before that peace rules, it goes through a violent, fiery purge erasing all trace of wickedness ever in the land. No memorials remain, no landmarks to remind, only the ever-visible, sheltering presence of the Lord to keep His people at peace.

         Such a pretty picture – eventually.

         But why does God have to park Himself over even these, the best, the ones written in the book of life as the Great Chaperone in the Sky? How weak? How flawed are we that only His unfaltering presence keeps us from harming one another.

         Lord, help us know peace. A better peace. Help us become a better peace.