Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18 - Advent

Today’s Scriptures: Lectionary selections from the Revised Common Lectionary Year C

Isaiah 11:1-9

Numbers 16:20-35

Acts 28:23-31

Today’s Reflection:

Isaiah brings us a lovely pastoral setting with natural enemies thriving together. Lions, lambs, cows, bears all feed together peacefully. The nature of predator and prey become alike. Notably, even the cursed relationship between snake and humankind reverted to peaceful coexistence.


This ideal setting comes in the verses following description of the coming leader’s judgment. He judges based on the character in people’s hearts – not what is seen or heard. The animal parable that follows reflects the change that comes in the hearts of those who follow Christ. We maintain our identity, but our character reflects the character God created in us in the garden. The passage brings us a glimpse of the new creation promised.


Until his coming, the world continues in its present path but as his believers, we can do our part to impact our little part of it.

Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings, copyright © 2005 Consultation on Common Texts. www.commontexts.org


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