Monday, March 10, 2014

Lenten Prayer - Farmers


In a world where our food comes from a box, our sustenance from a sack, let us pause to give thanks for the farmers who still connect with the land. We benefit from the labors of many workers on a daily basis, but few would be missed as quickly as the farmer's.

As spring (in my part of the world) peeks over the horizon, farmers work the empty fields preparing the soil to yield its best. Whether by planting, in tending, at harvest, or through the fallow, farmers remain stewards of the earth, and understand what you meant in directing humankind to watch over your creation. While most of us remain far removed from their daily toil, help us to learn from them to be better caretakers of the creation in our daily experience.

We ask blessings for the farmers and their labors in the growing season and we give thanks for their dedication. May we have the same devotion to our ministry as farmers do to theirs.