Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lenten Prayer - Peacemakers


The cacophony of conflict surrounds us, drowning out the melodies of order we long to hear. The combatants’ volume keeps the attention focused on them, but present even there are the peacekeepers. We thank you, Lord, for those who seek the heart of the hostility when others flee any contact.

For the peacekeepers, whether they navigate fronts of wars or the fences of neighbors, we ask for their safety because every dispute carries risk. We ask that they also have clear hearing to know what each side says and the wisdom to discern what each side means. And Lord, we ask you to give them patience for they begin at a place where little or no hope is seen and lead those involved to a point where all find some reason to hope.

Though they so often go unrecognized, we recognize them and give thanks for peacemakers.