Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lenten Prayer - The Suffering


You know suffering – a human experience that is both universal and distinctly individual. You became flesh and experienced it in the same way we do.

For this season some of us invent suffering, we force it, by denying ourselves some things we most enjoy.

Meanwhile we are surrounded by those who suffer more than we will ever understand. Not only do they lack comforts, they live without essentials and feel pain we may never know. Sometimes their suffering is so intense we become blind to it.

Open our eyes that we may recognize the circumstances of those around us and move us to serve as you would have us. Help us not be overwhelmed by the scope of suffering, but focused on the ways we can impact it. The scope of suffering is great, but you, Lord, are greater.

In this season when we focus on suffering and even seek it, help us find ways to bring comfort to those who know suffering too well.