Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advent - December 14

Psalm 119:49-72, 49, 53

Zechariah 3:1-10

Revelation 4:1-8

Matthew 24:45-51

After two days of warnings, the passages today turn to the recognition and reward for those who follow God’s commandments. In Zechariah, the prophet/high priest Joshua is prepared for his role by angels as Satan watches and sees God’s commands carried out.  In Matthew, Jesus talks about the faithful slave continually doing what is right versus the undependable slave who takes advantage of the master’s absence.

Just as many of the Psalms through the season have reminded us to be patient with the ways of the Lord, todays passages demonstrate the ultimate reward to those who demonstrate the both patience and faithfulness. The rewards exceed anything we imagine and even that which we minimally expect. The results prove to us again that the ways of God are not our ways and what he chooses to do for the faithful reaches far beyond what our limited imaginations are capable of comprehending.

For this reason we cannot grow too comfortable in our daily lives but we must continue to extend ourselves for the reward more than compensates for the effort we make. Being true and faithful to our beliefs has its rewards, and its price, but in the end, the judgment of God overwhelms anything the ways of the world and then our dreams, as fabulous as they are, will be shown for how far they missed his holy mark.

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